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Tri-Community is a United Methodist Church. How we practice Christianity is expressed through our vision, mission and values.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision:

The sharing of a “legacy of living as disciples of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s love both in what we say and how we serve our neighbors.

Our Values:


We trust in God with our past, present, and future. We believe God’s promises and seek to grow deeper in our relationship with Him.


Jesus loves and invested in kids—likewise we radically invest in children, students, and their families.


We invite and welcome everyone regardless of who they are or where they are in life. We do this the same way Jesus invited and welcomed those he encountered.


God is generous and we reflect God’s generosity. We give our prayers, time, energy, talents, and finances to resource what God is doing in us and through us.


Jesus met people where they were and so do we. We believe the teachings of Jesus are more relevant than ever and we seek to apply these teaching to our lives.


Jesus came to the world as a servant and we look most like Jesus when we serve. We serve our church, our city, and our world together.


We value community by intentionally connecting and caring for each other. We do our best to live out Christ’s command to love others.


God intends our lives to be joy-filled so we have fun and experience joy that comes from our growing relationships with God and with each other.

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